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 *****SWAAG_ID***** 662
 Date Entered 11/12/2012
 Updated on 11/12/2012
 Recorded by Tim Laurie
 Category Geological Record
 Record Type Geological HER
 SWAAG Site Name 
 Site Type 
 Site Name 
 Site Description 
 Site Access Public Footpath
 Record Date 23/06/2011
 Location Semer Water Lake Edge
 Civil Parish Bainbridge
 Brit. National Grid SD 922 875
 Altitude 250m
 Geology Two glacial erratic boulders of Carbiniferous Limestone at the Northern Edge of Semer Water Lake.
 Record Name Two glacial erratic boulders of Carbiniferous Limestone at the Northern Edge of Semer Water Lake.
 Record Description Semer Water is the remnant of a much more extensive post glacial lake formed until the River Bain breached the lateral moraine at the edge of the Howgill Ice and cut the pictureque river gorge above Bainbridge. (Kendall and Wroot, 1924 'Geology of Yorkshire',536/7). During the full glacial this glacial lake, then 3 miles wide and ice dammed by the Howgill Glacier extended for a distance of four miles further up Raydale,Cragdale and Bardale cutting the ice margin channelacross the NW shoulder of Addlebrough known as Hukermire Moss and also the ice margin channel at Harker Mire which seperates Addlebrough from The Stake Fell, both channels at an elevation of 375m.
 Dimensions See photos
 Geographical area 
 Scientific Name 
 Common / Notable Species 
 Tree and / or Stem Girth 
 Tree: Position / Form / Status 
 Tree Site ID 0
 Associated Site SWAAG ID 0
 Additional Notes The peat infil to both Hukermire and Harkermire have been sampled for pollen by Ann Honeyman and her pollen reports at these sites have provided the basis for the understanding of the vegetational history of this area, see also SWAAG Record 661. The prehistory of Semer Water Lake Edge and of the surrounding fells is introduced in more detail in SWAAG Record 661.
 Image 1 ID 3851         Click image to enlarge
 Image 1 Description A quiet afternoon at Semer Water. The two wave washed and scuptured, limestone glacial erratic boulders.
 Image 2 ID 3852         Click image to enlarge
 Image 2 Description View to the northern shore where a lake dwelling or crannog,its causeway and the bronze spearhead were found during dredging the river channel through the Lake.
 Image 3 ID 3853         Click image to enlarge
 Image 3 Description A quiet afternoon at Semmer Water. NO power boats to disturb the ducks!
 Image 4 ID 3854         Click image to enlarge
 Image 4 Description The North Shore.The alder and willow carr on the northern edge of Semer Water are little changed since prehistory.
 Image 5 ID 3855         Click image to enlarge
 Image 5 Description Late prehistoric arrow points from the Lake Edge, on display at the Hawes Countryside Museum.
 Image 6 ID 3856         Click image to enlarge
 Image 6 Description Butchered animal bone. Finds of aurochs, wild horse, red deer etc from prehistoric hunter sites collected from around Semer Water over many years. Now in the Hawes Museum.
 Image 7 ID 3857         Click image to enlarge
 Image 7 Description The decorated basal looped spearpoint the Lake Edge, on display at the Hawes Countryside Museum.
 Image 8 ID 3858         Click image to enlarge
 Image 8 Description The lake edge. No power boats are launched here, only sailing dinghies.
 Image 9 ID 3859         Click image to enlarge
 Image 9 Description A quiet evening at Semer Water.
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