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 *****SWAAG_ID***** 665
 Date Entered 23/12/2012
 Updated on 23/12/2012
 Recorded by Tim Laurie
 Category Geological Record
 Record Type Geomorphology
 SWAAG Site Name 
 Site Type 
 Site Name 
 Site Description 
 Site Access Public Access Land
 Record Date 16/12/2012
 Location Cotherstone Moor. Shacklesborough.
 Civil Parish Cotherstone
 Brit. National Grid NY 9085 1708
 Altitude 454m
 Geology Cotherstone Syncline. Namurian, Millstone Grit. See BGS 1:50000 series Sheet 31. Brough under-Stainmore. Isolated 'nunatak' type hill capped with 'The Botany Grit.'
 Record Name Cotherstone Moor. Shacklesborough Hill. Isolated 'nunatak-like' hill.
 Record Description Shacklesborough and Goldsporough are two isolated flat summited distinctive and distant landmarks when viewed from high ground above Arkengarthdale across the glaciated Forest of Stainmore. These two hillocks are prominent features within a very fine and wild Pennine Moorland Landscape which at the head of Baldersdale with a sparce distribution of very interesting Early Bronze Age sites which include a number of rock art sites on both sides of Baldersdale (See Beckensall and Laurie 1998 and the examples previously recorded on the SWAAG Database), the ring cairn on the summit of Goldsborough, a low but substantial round cairn on the summit of Shackelborough, an unenclosed settlement to the east of Goldsborough and several burnt mounds on the northern fells above the Balder (see Laurie 2003). This record is a preliminary account, as we were unable to cross two streams swollen with heavy rains to reach Goldsborough and to photograph the summit and the round cairn at close quarters at our first attempt via Crawlaw Hill. We shall return by a more direct route soon!
 Dimensions See photographs
 Geographical area 
 Scientific Name 
 Common / Notable Species 
 Tree and / or Stem Girth 
 Tree: Position / Form / Status 
 Tree Site ID 0
 Associated Site SWAAG ID 0
 Additional Notes Despite the appearance of both Goldsborough and Shacklesborough having survived the glaciation as small 'islands' projecting above the Stainmore glacier,ie 'Nunataks', the presence of two erratic boulders perched on the summit of Goldsborough, one a Shap Granite the other a boulder of Borrowdale Volcanic ash originating from the Lake District or Eden Inlier, these two hills were clearly overtopped by the Stainmore glacier. The whole area of remote moorland, north of the A66 at the head of the north bank tributaries of the Tees, including Deepdale, Balderdale, and Lunedale is an area well worth exploring for all aspects of landscape history.
 Image 1 ID 3866         Click image to enlarge
 Image 1 Description Shacklesborough far across Mawman Sike from the Crawlaw Stone
 Image 2 ID 3874         Click image to enlarge
 Image 2 Description Shacklesborough Hill from Crawlaw Gill
 Image 3 ID 3876         Click image to enlarge
 Image 3 Description 
 Image 4 ID 3872         Click image to enlarge
 Image 4 Description Mawman Sike and Shacklesborough in the far diatance.
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