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The Swaledale Project 7000 Years of a Landscape and its People
 Registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation Number 1155775
The Swaledale Project: Is a long-term project recording Swaledale's rich history of human endeavor.

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      Swaledale Project Reports:
Report Year Misc Managed by Funding
Hagg Farm Site Excavation 7th to 16th October 2016 2016 Project Plan SWAAG SWAAG
SWAAG Long Preston Survey Report July - August 2016 2016   SWAAG Long Preston Heritage Group
Archaeological Recording of the Western Grinton Dyke   Associated Appendices including images 2016   SWAAG HLF
Swaledale Big Dig (2014 - 2015) Final Report May 2016 2016   SWAAG HLF
Swaledale Big Dig Booklet distributed locally 2016   SWAAG HLF
Thorns, Ribbleshead, Geophysics Survey 2016   SWAAG Ingleborough Dales Landscape Partnership
Castle Hills and Catterick Airfield Geophysics Report 2015   SWAAG SWAAG
Ellerton Moor Survey of a Bronze Age Landscape 2015   SWAAG SWAAG
Ellerton Priory Geophysics and Photographic Archive Report 2014   SWAAG SWAAG
Hagg Farm Site 103 June 24th - July 4th
Hagg Farm Site 102 & 103 5day Dig October 2013
Site 102 Images    Site 103 Images     Interim Report
2013 Blog SWAAG
Assisted by Vindomora Solutions
Hagg Farm Possible Bale Site Excavation August 2013
NMRS Geophysics Report   Excavation Expectations 
Excavation Report from Vindomora Solutions Richard Smith's laboratory results
2013   Vindomora Solutions NMRS  
Hagg Farm Site 103 June 2013 Combined Report 2013 Blog ASDU @ LEADER  
Hagg Farm Site 103 Feature 407 Report (April)  Excavation proposal information 2013   SWAAG / Vindomora Solutions SWAAG LEADER
Hagg Farm Site 103 (November 2012)  2012 Blog ASDU @ LEADER  
Harker Mires (August 2012) A Scheduled Monument 2012 Blog ASDU @ LEADER YDNP SDF
Hagg Farm Site 103 (July)  2012 Blog ASDU @ LEADER  
Cogden Hall & Grinton Mounds second Geophysics Report 2012   ASDU @ LEADER  
Bellerby Moor GPS Earthwork Survey 2012   SWAAG SWAAG
Hagg Farm Site 101 Dig & Geophysics Report    Brooch Report (October) 2011 Blog ASDU @ LEADER
Daggerstones Survey 2011   SWAAG SWAAG
Cogden Hall & Grinton Defended Settlement Geophysics Report 2011   ASDU @ LEADER  
Hagg Farm Site 103 & Maiden Castle Geophysics Report 2011   ASDU @ LEADER YDNP
Hagg Farm background information and surveys: The Fremington Project 2010   SWAAG SWAAG  
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  *Post LEADER finds and sample processing.
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