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A landscape history and archaeology reading list (click here)
An introductory landscape history, landscape archaeology and rural settlement development reading list
The following reading list offers a broad selection of suggested introductory and specialist landscape history, landscape archaeology and rurtal settlement development books and resources (ordered by theme and year 1st published):

Suggestions for key introductory texts:
Hoskins. 1955. The Making of the English Landscape.

Hoskins. 1988. The Making of the English Landscape. (Hodder & Stoughton edition). Full original text of this classic work, in which Taylor, in addition, explains, within page text boxes, how an understanding of landscape history has developed.
Aston. 1985. Interpreting the Landscape: Landscape, Archaeology and Local History.
Rackham. 1986. History of the Countryside.
Rackham. 1994. The Illustrated History of the Countryside.
Muir. 2000. The New Reading the Landscape: Fieldwork in Landscape History.
Johnson. 2007. Ideas of Landscape.
Pryor. 2010. The Making of the British Landscape: How We Have Transformed the Land, from Prehistory to Today.

Selected landscape and rural settlement development texts:
Taylor. 1975. Fields in the English Landscape.
Roberts.  1987.  The Making of the English Village: A Study in Historical Geography.
Lewis et al. 1997. Village, Hamlet and Field: Changing Medieval Settlements in Central England.
Fowler & Blackwell. 1998. The Land of Lettice Sweetapple: An English Countryside Explored.
Bowden. 1999. Unravelling the Landscape, An Inquisitive Approach to Archaeology.
Thirsk (ed).  2000.  The English Rural Landscape.
Roberts & Wrathmell. 2002. Region and Place: A Study of English Rural Settlement.
Williamson. 2002. Transformation of Rural England.
Williamson. 2003. Shaping Medieval Landscapes.
Rippon. 2004. Historic Landscape Analysis (CBA Practical Handbook 16).
Gerrard & Aston. 2007. Shapwick Project Somerset: a Rural Landscape Explored. (alternatively, see Aston 2012)
Roberts. 2008. Landscapes, Documents and Maps: Villages in Northern England and beyond, AD 900-1250.
Hauser. 2008. Bloody Old Britain, OGS Crawford and the Archaeology of Modern Life.
Higham.  2010. The Landscape Archaeology of Anglo-Saxon England.
Christie & Stamper. 2011. Medieval Rural Settlement: Britain and Ireland, AD 800-1600.
Aston. 2012 (forthcoming). Interpreting the English Village: Landscape and Community at Shapwick, Somerset.
Hamerow. 2012. Rural Settlements and Society in Anglo-Saxon England.
Rippon. 2012. Making Sense of an Historic Landscape. 

English Heritage.  Regional England’s Landscape series:
Short. 2006. The South East. England’s Landscape 1.
Williamson. 2006. East Anglia. England’s Landscape 2.
Kain. 2006. The South West. England’s Landscape 3.
Cunliffe. 2006. The West. England’s Landscape 4.
Stocker. 2006. The East Midlands. England’s Landscape 5.
Hooke. 2006. The West Midlands. England’s Landscape 6.
Aalen. 2006. The North East. England’s Landscape 7.
Winchester. 2006. The North West. England’s Landscape 8. 

Landscapes History After Hoskins. Windgather Press:
Fleming et al. 2007. Prehistoric and Roman Landscapes.
Gardiner et al. 2007. Medieval Landscapes.
Barnwell et al. 2007. Post-Medieval Landscapes.

Society for Landscape Studies:
Hooke (ed). 2000. Landscape, the richest historical record.
Whyte & Winchester (eds). 2004. Society, landscape and environment in upland Britain.

Example vernacular architecture & historic building development books:
Brunskill. 1971. Illustrated Handbook of Vernacular Architecture.
Brunskill. 1981. Traditional Buildings of Britain.
English Heritage. 2006.
Understanding Historic Buildings. A guide to good recording practice.
Johnson. 2010. English houses 1300-1800: vernacular architecture, social life. 

Community group resource guide to surveying and recording archaeological sites:
The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland. 2011.
A Practical Guide to Recording Archaeological Sites. 

Field work:
English Heritage. 2007.
Understanding the Archaeology of Landscapes. A guide to good recording practice.
Drewett. 2011. Field Archaeology: An Introduction. 2nd edition.
Eastmead. 2012.
Landscape Surveying using Handheld GPS Receivers. 
English Heritage. 2010 LIDAR The Light Fantasic

Specialist geographical information system, geophysical survey, and technical texts:
Wheatley & Gillings. 2002. Spatial technology and archaeology. The Archaeological Applications of GIS.
Gaffney & Gater. 2003. Revealing the Buried Past: Geophysics for Archaeologists.
English Heritage. 2003.
The global positioning sytem (GPS) in archaeological field survey
Conolly & Lake. 2006. Geographical Information Systems in Archaeology (Cambridge Manuals in Archaeology).
Chapman. 2006. Landscape Archaeology and GIS.
English Heritage. 2008.
Geophysical Survey in Archaeology Field Evaluation. 

The origins of the British:
Sykes. 2006. Blood of the Isles.
Cunliffe. 2012 (forthcoming). Britain Begins. 

Local Swaledale interest:
Fleming.  1998.  Swaledale: Valley of the Wild River. 
White.  2002.  The Yorkshire Dales: A Landscape Through Time. 

Free pdf and other resource downloads:
English Heritage's list of free pdf booklets on the historic environment
Alidade and Tape.pdf
Understanding_the_Archaeology_of_Landscapes_Part_1_pp_1 - 9  .pdf
Extract from Early Cultivation in Northumberland and the Borders by P Topping PPS 55, 1989 pp161-179
Estimating the Age of Large and Veteran Trees in Britain
Tim Laurie's suggested Introductory Reading.pdf
Tim Laurie's suggested Bibliography of Archaeological Journals & Periodical Articles.pdf
A Practical Guide to Recording Archaeological Sites  (An excellent Guide)
Series of BAJR Guides
Geophysical Survey in Archaeological Field Evaluation (EH publication)
Dumpy Level Serial Levels Excel Calculator: Form (Sheet1) and Calculation (Sheet2) Example (Sheet 3)
10x10 and 20x20 Grids and Logs (8 images in a zip file)
What was the genealogical effect of the decline of the lead mining industry in the Northern Pennines between 1851 and 1901?

Reading List updated on: 17.07.2012