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 *****SWAAG_ID***** 817
 Date Entered 22/07/2014
 Updated on 22/07/2014
 Recorded by Tim Laurie
 Category Geological Record
 Record Type Geomorphology
 SWAAG Site Name 
 Site Type 
 Site Name 
 Site Description 
 Site Access Public Access Land
 Record Date 21/07/2014
 Location Helbeck Fell above Brough. Mount Ida.
 Civil Parish Not known
 Brit. National Grid NY 793 165
 Altitude 380m
 Geology Strongly faulted limestone strata on the Barnarm Fault, an element in the Pennine Fault System.
 Record Name The Helbeck and Barnarm Faults. Elements of the Pennine Fault System well exposed at Mt Ida above Brough
 Record Description Well exposed limestone Great Scar Limestone strata on the line of the Barnarm Fault below Mt Ida showing a steep monocline structure and tightly folded and vertically inclined beds overlain by overhanging and horizontal beds of the Robinson Limestone.
 Dimensions See photographs
 Geographical area 
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 Tree: Position / Form / Status 
 Tree Site ID 0
 Associated Site SWAAG ID 0
 Additional Notes These strongly inclined and contorted beds of limestone above the fault scars on Barnarm Scar and at Mount Ida are the spectacular consequence of a long lasting series of uplift and dislocation of the Great Scar and Robinson Limestones which are the Lower Beds in the Carboniferous Limestone Series. These limestones, which now form the high edge of the Pennine Escarpment, once were buried deep below the Triassic red sandstones of the Vale of Eden.
 Image 1 ID 5601         Click image to enlarge
 Image 1 Description Distant view of Mt Ida from Barnam Scar above Helbeck Wood.
 Image 2 ID 5599         Click image to enlarge
 Image 2 Description Closer view and the limestone strata can be seen dipping at 70degrees on the south arm of the monocline
 Image 3 ID 5600         Click image to enlarge
 Image 3 Description The south edge of the strata on Mt Ida. With overhanging horizontal strata overlying contorted and folded strata on the Barnarm Fault.
 Image 4 ID 5602         Click image to enlarge
 Image 4 Description Barnarm Scar, a north facing fault scarp which, together with the south face of Mt Ida forms one of several deep dry valleys or gorge like structures each marking a different fault.
 Image 5 ID 5608         Click image to enlarge
 Image 5 Description A lone raven watches from a residual slab of limestorne which escaped removal by the Stainmore Ice.
 Image 6 ID 5603         Click image to enlarge
 Image 6 Description Horizontal strata overlie contorted strata.
 Image 7 ID 5604         Click image to enlarge
 Image 7 Description Detail of the vertically incline and folded beds.
 Image 8 ID 5606         Click image to enlarge
 Image 8 Description Horizontal strata of the Robinson Limestone overlie tightly folded and vertically inclined strata of the Great Scar Limestone.
 Image 9 ID 5609         Click image to enlarge
 Image 9 Description The lower face of Barnarm Scar.
 Image 10 ID 5610         Click image to enlarge
 Image 10 Description Barnarm Scar with fine old ash trees and a young bird sown yew tree.
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