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SWAAG Honorary President:
Tim Laurie FSA

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 *****SWAAG_ID***** 795
 Date Entered 31/03/2014
 Updated on 31/03/2014
 Recorded by Tim Laurie
 Category Settlement
 Record Type Archaeology
 Site Access Public Access Land
 Record Date 01/01/2005
 Location Semerwater, Addlebrough, Greenber Edge and Stake Fell
 Civil Parish Bainbridge
 Brit. National Grid SD 955 870
 Altitude 420m
 Geology Lower Carboniferous strata of the Yoredale Series capped by Namurian strata (Millstone Grit) on the highest ground,(Kendall and Wroot 1924)
 Record Name An Archaeological Survey of Semerwater, Addlebrough and the Stake Road (Stake Fell) by Tim Laurie and Robin Minnitt prepared for the 1993 Summer Meeting of the Prehistory Society
 Record Description This summary of archaeological sites which were known at 1993 across a large area of the Pennine Uplands which overlook Semerwater and located elsewhere in Wensleydale, was undertaken to provide a background briefing document for the field walk to this area by members of the Prehistory Society within their programmed Summer Visit to Ripon and elsewhere in Western Yorkshire. Whereas this Survey was put together by Robin Minnitt and Tim Laurie who were guides to the Members on the field excursion, we were both grateful for and acknowledge the addition of information and final editing of Terry Manby. It is considered that this briefing document will assist in introducing SWAAG Members and all those interested in exploring this very interesting area.
 Dimensions See Location Maps
 Additional Notes Since 1993, a full survey of the great stone cairn at Stony Raise and the settlement complex on Greenber Edge has been completed ('Settlement at Greenber Edge.' by Keith Blood and Derek Cater of RCHME Newcastle: RCHME Archaeological Survey Report NMR nos SD 98 NE 1, 6, 201-4. RCHME 1996. Whereas at the time this survey was prepared it was accurate to introduce the text by stating that 'No comprehensive study of the prehistoric archaeology of Wensleydale has yet been published....', in the meantime Wenseydale has received fairly comprehensive attention within published works, see: Robert White, The Yorkshire Dales 1997, English Heritage Landscapes through Time Series, 1997. Batsford/English Heritage. T.G. Manby, Stephen Moorhouse and Patrick Ottaway, Eds 'The Archaeology of Yorkshire, An assessment at the end of the 21st century.'Yorkshire Archaeological Society Occasional Paper No 3, 2003
 Image 1 ID 5282         Click image to enlarge
 Image 1 Description 
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 Image 2 Description Addlebrough Hill. Summit cairn. The cup marked rocks were originally covered within the body of a much larger cairn subsequently reduced by quarrying for nearby drystone walls. The trig point has now been removed.
 Image 3 ID 5303         Click image to enlarge
 Image 3 Description Addlebrough Hill. View westward over Wensleydale from the summit cairn.
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