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 *****SWAAG_ID***** 421
 Date Entered 05/01/2012
 Updated on 05/01/2012
 Recorded by Tim Laurie
 Category Tree Site Record
 Record Type Botanical HER
 Site Access Public Access Land
 Record Date 08/08/2010
 Location Arndale Springs.
 Civil Parish New Forest
 Brit. National Grid NZ 0548 0612
 Altitude 400m
 Geology Small outcropping exposures of Richmond Chert strata at the top edge, on fallen landslipped blocks and by the streamside of the ravine formed by Arndale Springs Beck.
 Record Name Arndale Springs Scars and Landslips. Relict woodland with yews and rowan on outcropping Richmond Chert Strata.
 Record Description This record etails the vegetation on three seperate exposures above Arndale Springs. The first of these is at the top edge of the ravine on the northern side. Here, one live and one long dead skeletal yew grow at a most exposed localion with rowan the only other tree. Details of the two remaining oucrops here to follow.
 Dimensions See photos
 Geographical area Swaledale North Bank Catchment
 Species Yew
 Scientific Name Taxus baccata
 Common / Notable Species Rowan. Vegetation not yet recorded.
 Image 1 ID 1936         Click image to enlarge
 Image 1 Description Arndale Springs. The Upper Scar view towards Kexwith. Yews and rowan at top edge.
 Image 2 ID 1937         Click image to enlarge
 Image 2 Description Arndale Springs. The Upper Scar the live Yew.
 Image 3 ID 1938         Click image to enlarge
 Image 3 Description Arndale Springs. The Upper Scar the live Yew. Note exposed root.
 Image 4 ID 1939         Click image to enlarge
 Image 4 Description The two yews, one live the other a petrified skeleton.
 Image 5 ID 1940         Click image to enlarge
 Image 5 Description The skeletal remains of a long dead yew.
 Image 6 ID 1941         Click image to enlarge
 Image 6 Description Fallen block of chert strata with rowan.
 Image 7 ID 1942         Click image to enlarge
 Image 7 Description Fallen block of chert strata with ancient rowan. On bank of stream.
 Image 8 ID 1943         Click image to enlarge
 Image 8 Description Small yew at stream on chert outcrop.
 Image 9 ID 1944         Click image to enlarge
 Image 9 Description Small yew.
 Image 10 ID 1945         Click image to enlarge
 Image 10 Description Asplenium trichomanes below the yew.
 Image 11 ID 1946         Click image to enlarge
 Image 11 Description Crinoid remains in chert.
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