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Day Three: Interview with Project Manager Philip Bastow
SWAAG have been exploring the Hagg site since 2009, both with geophys and some limited excavations. So what do we already know and what are the aims of the 2017 dig?
Philip Bastow said,
"We already know from the work done previously that this site was inhabited in the Romano-British period and seems to have beeen abandoned at some point in the 4th Century. What we do not know for sure, although there has been a lot of speculation, is exactly what the site was used for; farming, animal husbandry, some sort of manufacturing or simply human habitation.
This year with the help of funding from the Yorkshire Dales National Park Sustainable Development Fund, we are going to open up a wider area than before with a view to establishing exactly what the purpose of this place was. We will be looking for an associated midden or rubbish tip which would give us a deeper insight into the people who lived here and how they were living. We would like to know if this site was perhaps part of a more extensive complex of buildings and also if there is any indication of a settlement here before Romano-British times.
We will also be trying to provide volunteers with some training in archaeological techniques including digging, planning, recording, finds processing and surveying."
Looking around the site today, so many people working so hard in the sunshine, it was easy to picture this site populated with a community of artisans or farmers geared up to supplying the Roman garrison at Catterick...I look forward to finding out more as the dig progresses.
An extensive area has been de-turfed ready for excavation An interesting floor area of crinoidal limestone: was it chosen for its aesthetic appeal?
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