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Day Thirteen: the beginning of the end
We have been so lucky with the weather for the past two weeks and today was no exception; we had glorious sunshine for our last day of digging.
A clearer picture of the whole site emerged as specific areas were pinpointed by Philip and Tony to be targeted for further excavation. Finds included more pot sherds of the types which have become familiar on this site and may have originated in Catterick. An unusually smooth stone was identified late in the day to the West of the site which has still to be lifted but could be some kind of rubbing stone. Several of the larger paving stones were lifted to collect environmental samples.
Mike arrived with his "magic mushrooom" GPS equipment to record the co-ordinates of various points within the excavated area.
In preparation for the mammoth backfilling enterprise which begins tomorrow, large quantities of stones were moved by a dedicated team of skilled wheelbarrow operators and stacked artistically to one side of the pit.
Philip and Tony getting strategic Mike and his Magic Mushroom
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What a lovely pile of stones!
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