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Hagg Farm Site 103 Feature 407 Excavation Proposal

Excavation Proposal document pdf download

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Preliminary work
The initial trench will be located from the approximate centre of the walled enclosure northwards for 9 metres.
Initially it will be a 4 metre wide trench with scope to widen it if indicated. See diagram:

Around the enclosure are a number of hawthorns that we will have to work around if we widen the trench.
Fully recording all 19C structures will be our first priority.
A 266m datum has been located beside the dry stone wall to the north of the mound. A datum line has been marked by placing three more posts: one in the approximate centre of the enclosure and the other two 10m due north and 10 due south of the centre. A 20 x 20 metre matrix of levels at 2 metre intervals has been taken across the mound either side of of this North-South datum line
See: Glacial Mound levels .xls       Approximate position of wall spread relative to measure levels
YouTube animation of Glacial Mound Levels
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Note the levels range from 263 to 267 metres AOD. The z axis is exaggerated by plotting level AOD - 260m.

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