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IMG2821 Minnie and Mabel Lonsdale Photo Album 2 ? Hawkshead Village in the Lake District Scanned image of photograph or postcard 80x55 The majority of images in this image archive are available as a digital download. Please use the contact page for further information quoting the file name(s) e.g. SM_1493, SM_1503, SM_1505,... etc. We can then check the copyright status and advise you of their availability. 06-03-2014
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All digital images are ©Swaledale Museum unless otherwise stated. See individual record information for additional details. Full size high definition images are generally available. For conditions about their use and cost please use the Museum Contact page listing the image IDs of interest. Any image that is published must credit the photographer (if available) and the ©Swaledale Museum. Images that belong to another copyright owner may still be available otherwise they are listed for information only, but the full size image can be seen at the Swaledale Museum by arrangement.

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