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Swaledale and Arkengarthdale Archaeology Group

SWAAG Honorary President: 
Tim Laurie FSA
Landowners: Representatives of Ottiwell Tomlin
Record Number TownshipOccupiersPlan NumberLand DescriptionState of CultivationAcresRent to VicarImproprieters Rent
 acre:rood:perch £-s-d £-s-d
 2229 ReethJohn Liddle and others120aDwelling House etc.0:0:14
 2230 ReethJohn Liddle and others120GarthArable0:0:220-0-0.5
 2231 ReethNot Occupied1166Old House0:0:2
 2232 ReethJohn Liddle378West Scale IngArable3:2:90-1-11
 2233 ReethJohn Liddle379Middle Scale IngMeadow4:0:230-2-1
 2234 ReethJohn Liddle382Janet Close and PaddockPasture4:2:300-2-2.5
 2235 ReethHeirs of John Pedley43-44Round IntakePasture1:0:350-0-4
 2236 ReethHeirs of John Pedley64Pott HillPasture0:3:330-0-2
 2237 ReethHeirs of John Pedley125East ThwaitesMeadow4:2:330-1-10
 2238 ReethHeirs of John Pedley131Potatoe PieceArable0:0:16
 2239 ReethHeirs of John Pedley132Potatoe PieceArable0:0:18
 2240 ReethHeirs of John Pedley133Potatoe PieceArable0:0:16
 2241 ReethHeirs of John Pedley134West HolmePasture2:0:200-0-9
 2242 ReethHeirs of John Pedley135Middle HolmeMeadow1:2:160-0-7
 2243 ReethHeirs of John Pedley136Barn CloseMeadow3:0:180-1-2
 2244 ReethHeirs of John Pedley137Low HolmePasture1:0:350-0-4
 2245 ReethHeirs of John Pedley138EmbankmentPasture0:1:30
 2246 ReethHeirs of John Pedley139EmbankmentPasture0:2:10
 2247 ReethHeirs of John Pedley140IslandArable2:0:40-0-10
 2248 ReethHeirs of John Pedley168Garden0:0:120-0-0.5
 2249 ReethHeirs of John Pedley168aDwelling House etc.0:0:12
 2250 ReethHeirs of John Pedley188High ClosePasture1:2:120-0-4
 2251 ReethHeirs of John Pedley189West PaddockPasture0:2:380-0-2
 2252 ReethHeirs of John Pedley190Pieces and FoldPasture0:0:170-0-1
 2253 ReethHeirs of John Pedley191PiecePasture0:0:380-0-1
 2254 ReethHeirs of John Pedley192PiecePasture0:1:60-0-1
 2255 ReethHeirs of John Pedley193East PaddockPasture0:2:280-0-2
 2641 ReethJohn Liddle and othersSummary0:0:360-0-0.5
 2642 ReethNot occupiedSummary0:0:2
 2643 ReethJohn LiddleSummary12:1:220-6-2.5
 2644 ReethHeirs of John PedleySummary22:0:100-6-11.5
 3749 MelbecksJohn Bell912DubbsGrass01:00:000-0-4
 3750 MelbecksJohn Bell950West Round IntakeGrass02:00:040-0-9
 3751 MelbecksJohn Bell951East Round IntakeGrass02:01:020-0-10
 3752 MelbecksJohn Metcalfe955High Ricket IngGrass01:03:350-0-9
 3753 MelbecksJohn Metcalfe956Low Ricket IngGrass02:00:310-0-11
 3754 MelbecksJohn Metcalfe979Low CloseGrass03:02:230-2-0
 3755 MelbecksJohn Metcalfe983Garth in PieceGrass01:02:150-0-10
 3756 MelbecksJohn Metcalfe985Dwelling House etc00:00:040-0-0
 3757 MelbecksJohn Metcalfe986Garden00:00:050-0-0
 3758 MelbecksJohn Metcalfe991Garth00:00:040-0-0
 3759 MelbecksJohn Metcalfe1020Home CloseGrass03:00:320-1-8
 3760 MelbecksJohn Metcalfe1025BankGrass03:03:380-1-11
 3986 MelbecksSummary21:3:330-10-0

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