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Swaledale and Arkengarthdale Archaeology Group

SWAAG Honorary President: 
Tim Laurie FSA
Landowners: Ralph Milner
Record Number TownshipOccupiersPlan NumberLand DescriptionState of CultivationAcresRent to VicarImproprieters Rent
 acre:rood:perch £-s-d £-s-d
 1961 ReethRalph Milner694Corn Mill Garden etc.0:1:10-1-1.5
 1962 ReethRalph Milner695Dwelling Houses0:0:5
 2556 ReethRalph MilnerSummary0:1:60-1-1.5
 3269 MelbecksJames Peacock, Anthony Milner, James Raw69Dwelling Houses and Corn mill00:00:090-2-8
 3270 MelbecksJames Peacock, Anthony Milner, James Raw70Garden00:00:02
 3271 MelbecksWilliam Watters169Dwelling House etc00:00:03
 3272 MelbecksStephen Dinsdale, George Calvert172Dwelling House etc00:00:05
 3273 MelbecksCharles Peacock191Dwelling House etc00:00:03
 3274 MelbecksCharles Peacock192Garden00:00:06
 3275 MelbecksGeorge Storey194Dwelling House00:00:02
 3276 MelbecksJoseph Buxton237Little BankGrass01:03:150-1-3
 3277 MelbecksJoseph Buxton238Gill00:00:17
 3278 MelbecksJoseph Buxton239Great ParkGrass02:01:280-2-1
 3279 MelbecksJames Peacock244Sand Bed and StripeGrass01:03:150-1-0
 3280 MelbecksJames Peacock248Great CloseGrass02:01:100-1-6
 3281 MelbecksJames Peacock249Island00:00:26
 3282 MelbecksJames Peacock358Scars and WoodsGrass04:03:350-1-3
 3283 MelbecksGeorge Tiplady401Dwelling House etc00:00:04
 3284 MelbecksGeorge Tiplady404Fold and Barn00:00:06
 3285 MelbecksGeorge Tiplady405High Barnward IngGrass01:01:220-0-8
 3286 MelbecksGeorge Tiplady407Low Barnward IngGrass01:01:110-0-7
 3287 MelbecksWilliam Bell452Dwelling House and Court00:00:07
 3288 MelbecksWilliam Bell452aSmall Garden00:00:01
 3289 MelbecksWilliam Bell455Home CloseGrass00:03:140-0-4
 3290 MelbecksWilliam Bell456Brecking IntakeGrass02:02:200-1-0
 3291 MelbecksWilliam Bell457Piece00:00:10
 3292 MelbecksWilliam Bell459West IntakeGrass01:02:070-0-7
 3293 MelbecksWilliam Bell460Calf PieceGrass00:03:160-0-3
 3294 MelbecksWilliam Bell461Creeton CloseGrass02:01:260-0-10
 3931 MelbecksSummary25:0:00-14-0
 6220 MukerJohn Thompson1494Grain Holme East EndMeadow01:03:130-1-1.5
 6221 MukerJohn Thompson1495Dwelling House etc.00:00:11
 6222 MukerJohn Thompson1496Grain Holme West EndMeadow01:02:380-1-0.5
 6968 MukerJohn ThompsonSummary3:2:220-2-2

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