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Swaledale and Arkengarthdale Archaeology Group

SWAAG Honorary President: 
Tim Laurie FSA
Landowners: John Kearton
Record Number TownshipOccupiersPlan NumberLand DescriptionState of CultivationAcresRent to VicarImproprieters Rent
 acre:rood:perch £-s-d £-s-d
 5983 MukerWilliam Kearton771Dwelling house00:00:05
 5984 MukerWilliam Kearton773Garden00:00:03
 5985 MukerThomas Dinsdale788Dwelling house00:00:02
 5986 MukerJohn Kearton723AllotmentPasture00:00:240-0-10-0-2.5
 5987 MukerJohn Kearton769Garth or paddockArable00:00:200-0-1
 5988 MukerJohn Kearton784Garden00:00:040-0-0.5
 5989 MukerJohn Kearton785Dwelling house etc.00:00:04
 5990 MukerJohn Kearton786Garth00:00:02
 5991 MukerJohn Kearton799MelbecksMeadow02:03:300-3-00-6-8
 5992 MukerJohn Kearton842Far CloseMeadow02:01:000-1-1.5
 5993 MukerJohn Kearton843Ralph IntakeMeadow01:03:340-1-5
 5994 MukerJohn Kearton844Nell CloseMeadow02:03:270-2-1
 5995 MukerJohn Kearton845Stockdale HolmeMeadow03:01:090-2-10
 5996 MukerJohn Kearton Junior770Dwelling house00:00:02
 6912 MukerWilliam KeartonSummary0:0:8
 6913 MukerThomas DinsdaleSummary0:0:2
 6914 MukerJohn KeartonSummary13:2:340-10-80-6-10.5
 6915 MukerJohn Kearton JuniorSummary0:0:2

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