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Swaledale and Arkengarthdale Archaeology Group

SWAAG Honorary President: 
Tim Laurie FSA
Landowners: John Alderson Senior of Keld
Record Number TownshipOccupiersPlan NumberLand DescriptionState of CultivationAcresRent to VicarImproprieters Rent
 acre:rood:perch £-s-d £-s-d
 5126 MukerGeorge Scott357Keldside AllotmentPasture96:00:280-7-5
 5127 MukerGeorge Scott410Routh Park and PaddockMeadow04:01:380-2-1
 5128 MukerGeorge Scott412Wills ParkMeadow02:00:310-1-1.5
 5129 MukerGeorge Scott412aHowl ParkMeadow01:03:300-1-3
 5130 MukerGeorge Scott413Clap StyeMeadow00:01:250-0-2
 5131 MukerGeorge Scott414Back SidePasture and wood00:01:230-0-1
 5132 MukerGeorge Scott450Hunters GreenMeadow02:00:170-1-10
 5133 MukerGeorge Scott464Nans Close AllotmentPasture01:02:320-0-2
 5134 MukerGeorge Scott465Nans CloseMeadow01:03:170-0-8.5
 5135 MukerGeorge Scott466Waller CloseMeadow01:03:040-0-6.5
 5136 MukerGeorge Scott468Joun Wood or ParkPasture21:00:010-3-3.5
 5137 MukerGeorge Scott469Birk HillPasture01:02:130-0-6.5
 5138 MukerGeorge Scott485BankPasture01:02:380-0-2.5
 5139 MukerGeorge Scott487Butt House CloseMeadow02:00:160-1-1
 5140 MukerGeorge Scott488Ralph CloseMeadow02:03:130-1-1
 5141 MukerGeorge Scott489Little BottomMeadow01:00:170-0-7.5
 5142 MukerGeorge Scott490Low PasturePasture08:02:350-1-7
 5143 MukerGeorge Scott494Kisdon AllotmentPasture34:03:180-3-1.5
 5144 MukerJohn Alderson Senior of Keld411Sandbed and WasteMeadow01:01:280-0-6.5
 5145 MukerJohn Alderson Senior of Keld; George Scott415Dwelling House etc.00:00:06
 5146 MukerJohn Alderson Senior of Keld; George Scott416Garden00:00:02
 5147 MukerJohn Alderson Senior of Keld; George Scott417Garden00:00:150-0-0.5
 5148 MukerJohn Peacock453Well CloseMeadow03:00:300-2-2.5
 5149 MukerJohn Peacock and another454Dwelling House etc.00:00:08
 5150 MukerJames Milner480Low Close and BrowMeadow01:03:260-1-8
 6717 MukerGeorge ScottSummary186:3:361-6-11
 6718 MukerJohn Alderson Senior of KeldSummary1:1:280-0-6.5
 6719 MukerJohn Alderson Senior of Keld; George ScottSummary0:0:230-0-0.5
 6720 MukerJohn PeacockSummary3:0:300-2-2.5
 6721 MukerJohn Peacock and anotherSummary0:0:8
 6722 MukerJames MilnerSummary1:3:260-1-8
 6723 MukerJohn Alderson Senior of KeldSummary1:3:180-1-1

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