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Swaledale and Arkengarthdale Archaeology Group

SWAAG Honorary President: 
Tim Laurie FSA
Landowners: Honorable Sir James Parke
Record Number TownshipOccupiersPlan NumberLand DescriptionState of CultivationAcresRent to VicarImproprieters Rent
 acre:rood:perch £-s-d £-s-d
 3308 MelbecksJoseph Daykin, John Daykin1Croft Gill Wood and InshotGrass and Wood02:03:270-1-6
 3309 MelbecksJoseph Daykin, John Daykin2Garth00:00:27
 3310 MelbecksJoseph Daykin, John Daykin3Dwelling House and Outbuildings00:00:06
 3311 MelbecksJoseph Daykin, John Daykin4Small Garden00:00:02
 3312 MelbecksJoseph Daykin, John Daykin5Garden00:00:11
 3313 MelbecksJoseph Daykin, John Daykin6High CloseGrass03:01:160-2-6
 3314 MelbecksJoseph Daykin, John Daykin7West Foal IngGrass03:01:050-3-0
 3315 MelbecksJoseph Daykin, John Daykin8East High CloseGrass03:02:220-2-4
 3316 MelbecksJoseph Daykin, John Daykin9East Foal Ing and Low IntakeGrass08:00:360-6-10
 3317 MelbecksJonathan Daykin17Calf Piece00:01:000-0-2
 3318 MelbecksJonathan Daykin18West CloseGrass03:01:090-2-6
 3319 MelbecksJonathan Daykin21Sture CloseGrass02:03:090-2-0
 3320 MelbecksJonathan Daykin22Sture Close BottomGrass01:00:040-0-6
 3321 MelbecksJonathan Daykin23Great IntakeGrass03:03:060-3-4
 3322 MelbecksJonathan Daykin23aIsland00:01:380-0-0
 3323 MelbecksJonathan Daykin24New CloseGrass02:00:300-1-10
 3324 MelbecksJonathan Daykin25Garden or Garth00:00:11
 3325 MelbecksJonathan Daykin26Court and Barn00:00:10
 3326 MelbecksJonathan Daykin27Dwelling House00:00:05
 3935 MelbecksSummary35:2:341-6-6

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