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Swaledale and Arkengarthdale Archaeology Group

SWAAG Honorary President: 
Tim Laurie FSA
Landowners: Edward Alderson of Greens
Record Number TownshipOccupiersPlan NumberLand DescriptionState of CultivationAcresRent to VicarImproprieters Rent
 acre:rood:perch £-s-d £-s-d
 5157 MukerEdward Alderson of Greens362Keldside AllotmentPasture99:01:050-4-2
 5158 MukerEdward Alderson of Greens395Thorns AllotmentPasture00:01:240-0-1
 5159 MukerEdward Alderson of Greens509Kisdon Intake AllotmentPasture02:02:210-0-4
 5160 MukerEdward Alderson of Greens510Part of Kisdon IntakePasture00:03:000-0-1
 5161 MukerEdward Alderson of Greens511PiecePasture00:00:09
 5162 MukerEdward Alderson of Greens512Kisdon IntakeMeadow04:00:310-0-10
 5163 MukerEdward Alderson of Greens519Kisdon AllotmentPasture19:01:200-1-3
 5164 MukerEdward Alderson of Greens520South End of Kisdon AllotmentPasture01:03:320-0-3
 5165 MukerEdward Alderson of Greens538Dick Coat IntakeMeadow03:01:220-1-7
 5166 MukerEdward Alderson of Greens539Calf PiecePasture00:01:380-0-3
 5167 MukerEdward Alderson of Greens540Willow GreensMeadow03:07:190-2-0
 5168 MukerEdward Alderson of Greens541PlantationPlantation00:00:280-0-0.5
 5169 MukerEdward Alderson of Greens550GreensMeadow03:02:170-2-1
 5170 MukerEdward Alderson of Greens552GillPasture00:02:020-0-1
 5171 MukerEdward Alderson of Greens553BottomMeadow01:01:050-0-7
 5172 MukerEdward Alderson of Greens566Sleddale AllotmentPasture09:03:040-1-9.5
 5173 MukerEdward Alderson of Greens593Angram High AllotmentPasture31:01:030-1-8.5
 5174 MukerEdward Alderson of Greens595Angram Low AllotmentPasture09:02:200-1-2.5
 5175 MukerEdward Alderson of Greens629SloughMeadow00:00:380-0-2
 5176 MukerEdward Alderson of Greens630Dwelling House etc.00:00:10
 5177 MukerEdward Alderson of Greens631Back GarthPasture00:00:090-0-0.5
 5178 MukerEdward Alderson of Greens632Garden00:00:090-0-1
 5179 MukerEdward Alderson of Greens633Howl TroughMeadow01:02:300-1-6
 5180 MukerEdward Alderson of Greens634Slack DaleMeadow05:02:220-3-4.5
 5181 MukerEdward Alderson of Greens643Watering Place00:00:08
 5182 MukerEdward Alderson of Greens647High BankMeadow01:00:220-1-2
 5183 MukerEdward Alderson of Greens648Low BankMeadow01:03:040-1-6
 5184 MukerEdward Alderson of Greens649Low IngMeadow02:03:260-2-5.5
 5185 MukerMichael Ruking374Old IngMeadow01:01:360-0-10
 5186 MukerWilliam Ruking377Howl CloseMeadow02:01:350-1-5.5
 5187 MukerEdmund W. Coates393Dwelling House00:00:02
 5188 MukerJoseph Barnfather394Dwelling House00:00:06
 5189 MukerThomas Peacock554Sour IntakeMeadow02:00:080-0-11.5
 6726 MukerEdward Alderson of GreensSummary203:2:381-8-7.5
 6727 MukerMichael RukingSummary1:1:360-0-10
 6728 MukerWilliam RukingSummary2:1:350-1-5.5
 6729 MukerEdmund W CoatesSummary0:0:2
 6730 MukerJoseph BarnfatherSummary0:0:6
 6731 MukerThomas PeacockSummary2:0:80-0-11.5

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