May 27, 2024, 4:52 pm SWAAG  Dates
Activities on file = 11
 08-06-2024 10:15 am to leave at 10:30 am Thornton Rust - Car Park behind the cottages on southside of village (OS co-ord 973 888) Guided walk to Addleborough summit and surrounding area. Guide - Robbie Warriner Visit to Addleborough summit and the Burial Cairn, looking at the rock art on the summit. Study the ancient landscape - settlements, cairns and burnt mounds This walk is challenging, steep ascent and descent to Addleborough summit. The area is peaty and wet, a walking pole maybe useful. Several Ladder stiles to negotiate Approx 5 miles Bring your lunch  Anne Jowett -
 11-06-2024 7.30pm The Buck, Reeth and on Zoom. Talk The publicised practical session and talk on lithics, by Ric Carter, has had to be postponed.The talks planned for July's meeting have been brought forward. Les Knight will talk about the "1927 Richmond Total Eclipse: the largest mass movement of people in British history". Alan Mills, who is interested in identifying Viking/Norse settlements in the local area, will give a short talk "The Vikings in North America" in which he will look at the settlement of L'Anse aux Meadows, in Newfoundland.
 06-07-2024 1:15 am for 1:30 am The Rukin Car Park, Keld - £2 /day fee is payable Flower Walk - lead by Sue Knight  This short walk, of approx. 2 hours is on a good track and will progress slowly to allow people to appreciate/identify the plants in the area. We will encounter flowering plants, mosses and lichens. Please bring a hand lens if possible. Anne Jowett @
 09-07-2024 7.30pm The Buck, Reeth Talk Sandy Carter, Development Officer at Marrick Priory, will give a talk "In the Nuns Footsteps".
 14-08-2024   No meeting As usual we do not plan to have a meeting in August. 
 07-09-2024 9:45 am to leave at 10:00 am Outside the Gift Shop on Reeth Green What The Landscape Tells Us. A guided walk around Reeth and Grinton lead by Alan Mills The history of a locality is embedded in the local landscape, from the obvious such as buildings and roads, to the more subtle such as old field boundaries, faint prehistoric features or perhaps obvious features which are just not recognised for what they are. This short walk of around 2½ miles, taken at a leisurely pace, begins on Reeth Green then progresses to Grinton, along Swale Hall lane, the 'corpse way' and returns via the Swing Bridge (the diversion if still closed). On the way we will see evidence of a planned village, the outline of a Romano-British / Iron Age settlement, an earlier road system, a medieval settlement, two corn mills, a medieval bridge, prehistoric dykes, a Bronze-Age tumulus, a burnt mound, a tufa quarry and a medieval field system. All in 2-3 hours ! Anne Jowett at
 10-09-2024 7.30 The Buck, Reeth Talk Dr Richard Smith is the Editor of the Northern Mine Research Society's journal, British Mining. He is particularly interested in medieval smelting. This evening his talk is on Arthur Raistrick's contribution to mining history. Dr Raistrick (1896-1991) was a polymath; geologist, archaeologist, academic and writer. A scholar in many fields, he published some 330 articles, books, pamphlets and scholarly treatises. Later in life he was a pioneer of industrial archaeology, making a particularly significant contribution to the understanding of the development of lead mining in the Pennines. His two books on mining and smelting in Swaledale and Wensleydale, published 50 years ago, still provide a useful introduction to the industrial heritage of this region.
 21-09-2024 10:15 am for 10:30 am The Rukin Car Park, Keld. £2 / day fee is payable  Geology Walk lead by Les Knight This walk will be on good tracks and is of approx 2miles, locally steep. Needs a packed lunch . The walk will include a discussion of some of the glacial features around Keld and the geology exposed in the Kisdon Gorge. The mines and their history around Crackpot Hall and the Swinnergill smelt mill will be discussed.  Anne Jowett -
 08-10-2024 7.30pm The Buck, Reeth AGM and Talk The SWAAG AGM will be followed by some short talks by members. Details to be confirmed shortly. This will be our last evening face-to-face meeting of 2024. In November we will return to Zoom.
 12-11-2024 7.30pm Zoom Talk Ian Earnshaw, a SWAAG member, will be giving a presentation about "East Yorkshire, Before and During the Dark Ages - Does anyone actually know who lived there?". This talk will be on Zoom only.
 10-12-2024    We are looking into having a lunch time social event sometime in December (not necessarily on the 10th). The date and the venue have yet to be confirmed.