May 28, 2022, 5:20 am SWAAG  Dates
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 14-06-2022 7pm Fremington Sunday school/Zoom A talk by Rod Flint 1092 to 1157. Why it took sixty five years to bring Cumbria under the English Crown. "Eleventh century Cumbria was something of a no-mans land. Ignored by the Normans in 1066, seized by them from the Scots in 1092, lost to them again in 1136 and finally ceded to the Angevin King Henry 2nd in 1157, Rod will explain why this is the only part of England that was never really Norman." This talk will be a hybrid meeting in that it will be accessible as a face to face meeting in the Fremington Sunday School, and it will be available by Zoom.
 10-07-2022 to be arranged to be arranged Walk Judith and Alan Mills will lead a walk to the other Maiden Castle, the Roman Fortlet perched on the edge of Stainmore on the old Roman road across the Pennines (now the A66), overlooking the Eden Valley. A small settlement is adjacent to the fort. Both were occupied for about 300 years from around 100AD through to around 400AD. On our last trip pre-covid rabbits had dug up some interesting pieces of Roman pottery. More details nearer the time. >
 12-07-2022 7pm Fremington Sunday school and Zoom Talk Holly Drinkwater from NAA will give a talk entitled: Excavation of an Anglo Saxon Cemetery, Hart Village. This will be of interest to those members who before covid worked with NAA washing finds from this excavation. This will be hybrid meeting: face to face in Fremington and via Zoom.