April 17, 2021, 3:21 pm SWAAG  Dates
Activities on file = 6
 11-05-2021 7pm Zoom Members' Meeting and talk Professor Emeritus Peter Rowly-Conwy of Durham University will give a talk about Neolithic farming; "Britain’s first farmers: how primitive were they?"  Sue@swaag.org
 08-06-2021 7pm Zoom Members' Meeting and talk Alan Mills will speak about the Swaledale Dykes Sue@swaag.org
 13-07-2021 7pm tbc Members' Meeting tbc Sue@swaag.org
 10-08-2021 7pm tbc Social Event  Sue@swaag.org
 15-09-2021 to 29-09-2021 All day The Hagg Fieldwork tbc Rod@swaag.org
 12-10-2021 7pm Zoom Members' Meeting and talk Professor Emerita Charlotte Roberts of Durham University will speak about the Bamburgh project, "Accessing Aiden" which looked at medieval skeletons at St Aidan's church in Bamburgh.  Sue@swaag.org