February 28, 2024, 4:06 pm SWAAG  Dates
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 12-03-2024 7pm Zoom Online Talk Dr David Petts, Associate Professor of Archaeology at Durham University, will talk about his fieldwork and research on Lindisfarne. jane@swaag.org
 19-03-2024 10:15 am to leave at 10:30 am Marske - the start point will now be the small car park by the bridge and river in Marske, at the junction below the church at grid ref 104004. Guided Walk to Applegarth Fort from Marske. Leaders Jane Harrison and Rod Flint The walk is Marske to a Romano-British enclosed settlement north east of East Applegarth at Whitcliffe Scar. The site is reported to be that of an agricultural settlement which has been identified from surface finds of pottery to have been occupied from the Iron Age into the late Romano-British period. This will be a circular walk of about 5 mile, and some sections will be muddy and rough. Do bring a packed lunch. Anne Jowett at swaagwalks@gmail.com
 09-04-2024 7.30pm The Buck, Reeth Talk This will be the first of our face-to-face talks in 2024 and will be given by one of SWAAG's members. There will also be an opportunity for members to have a meal before the meeting starts at 7.30pm. More details to follow. jane@swaag.org
 13-04-2024 To be confirmed Sleights Pasture, Ribblehead Visit to Sleights Pasture Monument Complex between Ingleton and Ribblehead Visits to this monument Complex guided by Yvonne Luke from Ingleborough Archaeology Group Full details to follow Anne Jowett - swaagwalks@gmail.com
 14-05-2024 7.30pm The Buck, Reeth Talk Dr Keith Thomas, chairman of Brewlab and one of our members, will talk on “Recreating Past Beverages. Bioarchaeology of Ancient Beers”. He has offered to bring some examples for us to sample! jane@swaag.org
 09-06-2024 10:15 am to leave at 10:30 am Thornton Rust Village Hall Car Park Guided walk to Addleborough summit and surrounding area. Guide - Robbie Warriner Visit to Addleborough summit and the Burial Cairn, looking at the rock art on the summit. Then visiting the settlements and cairns around the south flanks of Addleborough. This walk is challenging, steep ascent to Addleborough summit. Bring you lunch Anne Jowett - swaagwalks@gmail.com
 11-06-2024 7.30pm The Buck, Reeth Talk tbc jane@swaag.org
 06-07-2024 1:15 am for 1:30 am The Rukin Car Park, Keld - £2 /day fee is payable Flower Walk - lead by Sue Knight  This short walk, of approx. 2 hours is on a good track and will progress slowly to allow people to appreciate/identify the plants in the area. We will encounter flowering plants, mosses and lichens. Please bring a hand lens if possible. Anne Jowett @ swaagwalks@gmail.com
 21-09-2024 10:15 am for 10:30 am The Rukin Car Park, Keld. £2 / day fee is payable  Geology Walk lead by Les Knight This walk will be on good tracks and is of approx 2miles, locally steep. Needs a packed lunch . The walk will include a discussion of some of the glacial features around Keld and the geology exposed in the Kisdon Gorge. The mines and their history around Crackpot Hall and the Swinnergill smelt mill will be discussed.  Anne Jowett - swaagwalks@gmail.com