August 14, 2022, 7:41 pm SWAAG  Dates
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 23-08-2022 to 25-08-2022 to be confirmed Grinton area Training course YDNPA is running an Archaeology Survey Training Course for SWAAG members. Places must be booked.
 13-09-2022 7pm Zoom Talk Joe Ogden, MSc student at Bradford University, will talk about his research into Landscape Archaeology and Digital Heritage.
 24-09-2022 to 26-09-2022 to be confirmed Grinton Mounds Topographic survey A topographic survey of the mounds to the east of Grinton village. Attendance at surveying training course prior to this or previous experience required.
 27-09-2022 to 29-09-2022 to be confirmed Grinton Mounds Magnetic and Resistance Survey A magnetic and resistance survey of the mounds to the east of Grinton Village. No past experience required as training will be given.
 11-10-2022 7pm Fremington Sunday School and Zoom AGM and talk We welcome back Professor Emeritus Peter Rowley-Conwy of Durham University, who will give a talk about "Hunting the Biggest Beasts: Aurochs and Elk in Prehistoric Europe". His talk will be followed by a brief SWAAG AGM.